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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sam On the Hot Seat

Sam Alito is on the hot seat this week. A 20 year old memo surfaced (surprise) that say he feels the Roe decision was poor work by the judiciary and there is no right to abortion. Other writings show that he's (gasp!) a conservative, who doesn't believe in quotas!

Hello, earth to the left wing of the country, what the hell did you expect? If you were expecting a Ginsburgesque diatribe on the evils of not allowing 12 years to consent to sex you are obviously clueless.

The fact that Alito has, on 2 of 3 occasions voted to uphold portions of Roe, and the dissent was on whether a wife should tell her husband she's having a abortion, will make no difference to NARAL and the other wacko left groups. They will be on TV, in the papers, and all over other media forms screaming that Alito wants your abortion to be performed by a homeless guy with a hanger; and not just in a back alley, but a dark, musty, back alley in the inner city.

The Supreme Court has also decided to review a case Alito dissented on, concerning the rights of prisoners in Pennsylvania. That one has prisoner rights advocates (the folks who brought cable tv to mass murderers, on your dime) in a tizzy because Alito dissented and said that the State could withhold reading material, pictures, and limit visits for it's worst inmates. Imagine, punishing a person in prison, what the hell was he thinking!


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