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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Spin Like a Top

You'll see, over the next week, many breathless reports, long articles, and long winded op/ed pieces on the latest revalations in the NSA terrorist surveillence program.

Why? Because to a certain group of folks, we aren't upset enough. In fact, with 63% of those surveyed saying they have no problem with the NSA gathering raw phone numbers, the spin masters are having to work overtime.

66% had no problem with the idea of the government having their phone number in those records, and 65% still think that the government should be more concerned with investigating leads than than protecgting privacy, if both were weighed equally.

Newsweeks new headline "Breaking the Law" is an interview with the Electronic Freedom Foundation tries to explain to you why you shoud be upset, since obviously you aren't by those poll results.

One of the odd things about the article is it revealed how old the news of the records datamining is. The EFF sued over the database in January, yet we are just hearing about it in force this week.

On the opposite side of the fence from yesterday's Eugene Robinson Op/Ed, the Washington Post has an editorial written by Richard A. Falkenrath, "The Right Call on Phone Records", which explains why the program is legal, and why you should support it.

If, as he and the phone companies claim, the records were anonymized before being given to the NSA, he's probably got a point about the legality of the issue. (According to WaPo he has no personal knowledge of the program).

Like I said, the spin, from both sides, will continue to come fast and furious. Read lots on the issue, from both sides, before you decide to get breathless either way on the issue.

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Blogger on-my-mind said...

....so much so that 95% of your blogreaders didn't comment!
You hit the nail on the head again, blogbuddy. Keep up the good work.

3:04 AM  

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