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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Trouble In Paradise

Funny, I wrote about this same issue a few months back, and once again DNC Chairman Howard Dean and Rep. Rahm Emanuel's fighting has made it to the front pages of major daily papers. This time it's front page news because Emanuel, in his best angry sailor imitation,"stormed out of Dean's office several days ago leaving a trail of expletives, according to Democrats familiar with the session".(from the Washington Post)

It's still the same fight, too, like a married couple who can't decide on an okay vacation now, or a great one in the future, it's money. Dean is still spending on organization everywhere, even thought it's an election year with some pretty well defined seats up for grabs.

Emanuel, and Chuck Schumer, would like to see Dean saving cash for the fall to use in those battles. Sort of the "decent vacation now" thought. Dean, looking long term has been spending to build the party base back up in states the GOP holds strongly, hopefully to be more competitive in them on a national level, a more 2008 strategy. Deans idea of a vacation includes rose gardens and south lawns. Rahms seems to involve elevated seats and chairmanships.

The biggest problem for them is they are both right, and both wrong on the issue of how to spend money. I know, that sounds pretty strange, but it's true.

Emanuel is right, the DNC does need to save some money for the fall, when cash influxes in a few key races could mean control of the House come January 2007. However, he's wrong to think Dean shouldn't be trying to organize in traditional GOP stronghold states.

2008 does matter, also, and if they need to show up and campaign, and spend some money in those states this year. Otherwise, come 2008 they look like "Johnny come lately", as they have in the past. Kind of like the brother in law you hear from every couple of years, when he needs a loan.

Will screaming hissy fits from either Emanuel or Dean help them in November, or in 2008? Probably not, some adult leadership, and a clearer understanding of each others goals, and some compromise is probably a better idea.

Emanuel has probably done himself one big favor in this battle with Dean; he's now positioned to take over the DNC or pick it's new leader; and return it to a more Clinton era style of leadership if the Democrats don't perform well this November.

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Blogger LargeBill said...

Probably both parties have these kind of struggles between those in power in DC and the various local races. Problem in this case is they let their food fight become public. Disagree in private.

On a similar note, many conservatives refuse to donate to the RNC because they continue to support liberals like Chafee in primaries. My preference would be for them to stay out of races until after the primary.

7:46 AM  
Blogger C.I.R. Deputy said...

As a retired sailor you will fully understand the meaning of these words. "You go to war with the military you have."

That is why demilitarizing of the nation when not at war is so bad. You can't build a military force up overnight if a war breaks out, you need to have one ready and waiting "just incase."

I am still used to dealing with the military terms, but I assume the same goes for a political war. Use it all now and he is leaving the democrat country open for invasion come 2006/2008.

9:53 AM  
Blogger C.I.R. Deputy said...

PS-Which is fine for me!!!

9:54 AM  
Blogger shoprat said...

I am beginning to suspect that a vulnerable GOP is going to watch the DEMs snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Crazy Politico said...

Bill, you are right, you always keep the fights in the family, not on the front page. The GOP has done some of that the last year, but not to the extent of the Dems

CIR, thanks for visiting first off. Secondly, you are right on what you go to war with. It's how you use the military you have that matters. The Dem's problem is they can't figure out how to use the money they have.

Shoprat, me too. It will be funny, too when it happens.

6:45 AM  

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