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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Senate Republican's Cave In

The Senate has voted 79-19 to limit the President's power in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to give detainees the right to appeal their convictions by military tribunals to the US Courts.

SHAME ON THE GOP! You have caved in, once again, to the Democrats. You've allowed the whining left to be the winning left on defining our foreign policy. I can't wait to see real Republicans march John McCain and Lindsey Graham out of the Senate in their next elections.

Hell, we might as well just ask the taliban and al qaeda murderers if they'd pretty please tell us what they are planning on next, because using McCain's standards from Newsweek that's about all we can do.

Senators, when another attack happens, and you want to know why we didn't get the intel, LOOK IN THE MIRROR, because it will be your faults. Don't blame the CIA, or FBI, look in the mirror and realize YOU have taken their ability to get information down a dozen notches. All to shut up some whiners who don't understand war, and lunatics.


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